Delving Beneath Emotional Blankets


Dear Friends, What an exciting week it has been! Welcome to today’s edition of ‘The Water Wheel Heart’ newsletter. We received a dozen new subscribers this week to our newsletter. Welcome! Each of you. I am grateful you decided to click subscribe, and make this connection. This week on facebook …

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Change is the Only Constant


Dear Friends ~ Welcome to this edition of ‘The Water Wheel Heart’ Newsletter.  This week I examine change and evolution.  A wonderful mascot of change is the butterfly.   Butterfly is symbolic of: Transition, Transformation, Celebration, Lightness, Time, Soul, Change, Resurrection, Soul, Joy, Faith Because of Butterfly’s process of metamorphosis, they …

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The Thirst: I am Human


  ~ Dear Friends ~ Please enjoy this week’s edition of “The Water Wheel Heart’s” newsletter.  The theme for this week is highlighted by our drives.  I am speaking of the hunger that lives within each of us.  It is a part of our makeup .. our minds, our hearts, our …

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From Death to Re-birth


  Dear Souls ~ Thank you for joining me for this edition of The Water Wheel Heart’s newsletter.  This weekend holds many BIG things inside of it.   There will be a full, blood moon, and a lunar eclipse on the 4th of April. For some, on April 5th, there will be …

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Meet Me in the In-Between


Oh Happy Day Friends! Delighted to share another love letter with you from ‘The Water Wheel Heart.” Today’s sharing included some shared thoughts concerning time.  It is so important to take time .. to pause … to use the ‘in between’ spaces as opportunities. Opportunities for truly guiding our hopes …

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The Changing Room


Thank you for reading today’s edition of “The Water Wheel Heart” newsletter. I very much enjoyed creating it for you.   May your day be filled with the opportunities to learn, to love, and to live fully in your truth.  You are beautiful!  ~ Melissa Rae Thompson of The Water …

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The Wild Birthing Truth


Greetings dear hearts! Welcome to ‘The Water Wheel Heart’ newsletter, sent to you with love by Melissa Rae Thompson. What a true delight it is connecting with you. Thank you for being part of my world. I cherish each of you in this space. Please enjoy today’s heart centered offering!  WILD …

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Rise and Shine


Hello! Welcome to this edition of “The Water Wheel Heart” newsletter. As always, I invite you to sit down at our table, share a cup of tea, and know that you are wanted here. We value you, and what you bring to this space.  Thank you for being a part of …

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I Will Meet You There ……


From Mourning to Morning Glory I am sitting here. Sitting here this morning, waiting for the house to wake up. To stretch and spin out of tightly tucked beds. To release a container of dreams collected from the night before into their world and other worlds too. Brushing teeth. Flushing …

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