Bucket Hats, Boas, and Love


<Stage right, Enters Melissa Rae wearing a vintage 1920’s hat and scarf ….She stands in front of a microphone and shares a soliloquy about being herself > What happens when we trade flowers in our hair for a sensible hat? I do trade one concept of self, for another sometimes. …

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The Pleasure in Experience

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HAVE YOU EVER WANTED to completely give yourself to an experience, but find yourself holding back because you are afraid? I have. Many times. Even when I truly feel the importance of an experience. Because of this, I sometimes miss out on pleasure. A divine pleasure that comes from Spirit. …

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Year-End Energy Healing Special


The Year-End Energy Healing Special—Only $30 (Reg. $50) All things in the Universe are made of energy—the SAME energy, each vibrating at a different frequency. Because of this, all things are inseparably connected, and all things can be felt by all things. Each of us are energy beings, and therefore all …

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Welcome to a New World!

Lloyd and Melissa

FORMERLY KNOWN AS Fox.and.Owl [Metaphysical Manifestations], The Water Wheel Heart remains the husband and wife spiritual team of Lloyd Matthew and Melissa Rae. Our purpose and goal is to assist in your growth and self-empowerment. We will always direct YOU toward taking charge of YOUrSELF. We believe in the importance of symbolism …

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